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Online Training and On The Job Training, on standard or
customized topics according to the client’s need..

In this course, we have discussed the 4 basic steps for expanding distribution in new geographies. You will learn concepts like DPL, ND, Beat, Routes etc. You will learn processes like retail mapping process, beat designing process, new outlet opening process etc. You will also get to download tools to implement these processes. We will also discuss the skills that will help you while talking to a retailer and handling his objections. To sum up, this course will help local brands become regional brand and regional brand become national brand. Are you ready for the leap!!

In this course we have discussed how to identify and engage with a distributor. It includes understanding the Distributor’s needs of profitability and support. At same time securing the company’s interests of increasing width and depth of distribution. We have also shared important excel tools related to inventory management and ROI calculation that you can easily download and use. Enjoy the session and grow your distribution!!

In this course, we have discussed all the topics in FMCG sales that a FMCG entrepreneur should know. It starts with selecting the right product, then how to create a brand and price it. We have discussed GTM strategy and offtake strategy followed by trade marketing and inventory management. We have also discussed distributor management in detail. If you want to have a complete understanding of FMCG sales, then this is the course for you!!

1. Conduct Diagnostics

  • Data Analytics
  • Interview DSR, SO and ASM
  • Work in the market with DSR ans SO
  • Idetify gaps - Knowledge, Skill, Process and Execution
  • Collate findings

2. Identify Areas Of Improvement

  • Prioritize the gaps
  • Identify which gaps to address in line with the sales priorities of the year
  • Develop a desine and recommend ways to address the gaps
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Process
  • execution
  • Get alignment of the team

3. Design The Training Program

  • Develop program flow
  • Get alignment on the flow
  • create the content
  • create the methodologics
  • Get alingment on the final program

4. Training Rollout

  • Plan the training calender
  • conduct train the trainer program

5. Tracking Impact

  • Get post rollout data
  • Track performance on identified metrics

Video Based

1.Develop customized videos capturing right execution using key skills and processes

  • a)Scripting
  • b)Shooting
  • c)Editing
  • d)Dubbing

2.Power Point presentations using

  • a)Pictures
  • b)Animation
  • c)Smart Arts

3.Application of concepts using

  • a)Game
  • b)Exercise
  • c)Case Study

4.Assessments using Multiple Choice Questions

Non-Video Based

1.Power Point presentations using

  • a)Pictures
  • b)Animation
  • c)Smart Arts

2.Application of concepts using

  • a)Game
  • b)Exercise
  • c)Case Study

3.Assessments using Multiple Choice Questions